Belt sizes for Allis Chalmers Simplicity Regent 4108

Hi out there!

Here are some requested information regarding the two belts that are used on the tractor:

I use Roulunds Roflex-Garden(tm) belt.

Driving belt:

4L 910 – corresponding to a belt with 910/10 * 25.4 mm = 2311 mm

(Actually – I have not used it yet. Still using an old one “before my time”)

Grass cutter – blade drive:
4L-700 – corresponding to a belt with 700/10 * 25.4 mm = 1778 mm
Here is the section of the belt profile.beltdimensions

This year (2021) I bought my belts from Rembutiken i Sweden

Before that I bought from, but they seems to have disappeared from the net.

Hope this is useful for you!


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