Tohatsu Repair

Hi – Here is the story and news on progress of the “Tohatsu project”.

In july 2013 I bougth a 12 hp Tohatsu outboard engine at a garage sale for the great sum of 250 SEK. A bargain – I thought – but perhaps not….. (?)  It turned out to be very hard to get spare parts to it. In general – not a very popular engine nowadays…

2014-02-08_Fors (9) 2014-02-08_Fors (11)

New plugs and cables …

2014-02-08_Fors (13) 2014-02-08_Fors (15)

The only spare part available (in the whole world) for this engine is the impeller repair kit – fits a lot of other Tohatsus, so that´s why.

2014-02-08_Fors (19)

The old impeller in parts.

2014-02-08_Fors (17)

The reverse was totally stuck – but was restored rather quickly, actually…

To be fitted with the items below.

2014-02-08_Fors (21)

A brand new bearing and axial gasket to the propeller shaft.

Well thats all folks for now.

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