About myself

Well, what to say – not too cleaver with engines, but smaller things are no problems. When it comes to these simple and robust equipment I hope I can make it work properly again. My abition is to get it up-and-running and USE IT! To keep it as it is, as far that is possible.

Added 2013: This summer my beautiful Simplicity made it´s job as it was thought. Time to go on with other ”Projects”.

In August 2013 I bought a non-working outboard engine, Tohatsu 12 Hp for the big sum of 250 SEK, approximately 28 Euro or 35 US dollars. Let’s get that into shape again!

Other projects on the Gubbdagis will also be covered, such as the restauration and fixing of the simple buildings on the piece of land where the Gubbdagis is located.

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